About me

First of all, a big thank you for visiting my website.

My name is Robert, British Born Chinese based in London but I love travelling for food. I am always up for trying things, whether they are classic food or a trending food buzz, if it’s good, I am going.

My goal is just like my tagline: eat it, film it and share it. 

‘Blending’ in…..

My parents were originated from Guangzhou but they had previously lived in Vietnam and Hong Kong prior to settling down in UK. I grew up eating parents’ excellent cooking (mainly Cantonese and Vietnamese cuisine) and nothing beats my mom’s cooking and her herbal soup.

I met my wife back in 2010 and we’ve been visiting her home country, Malaysia almost every year whilst grabbing the opportunity to travel around other Asia countries for awesome food. I’ve watched many YouTube videos about food and travelling but there’s lack of related videos in London, hence my wife suggested me to start doing one and here you are reading this awesome post.

We are based in Central London due to our full-time work commitment but we strive to travel around London or other cities to provide authentic food and travel information. So feel free to drop us a message for any food suggestion!

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