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Chakra. An award winning Indian restaurant with average food.

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A while ago we were invited to check out Chakra, an Indian restaurant in a quiet part of town in Kensington.
Chakra is an award winning India restaurant that has won multiple awards including British curry award, Britsih Asian wedding awards, and Asian business awards. As you can imagine I went to the restaurant with high expectations.

The restaurant was much smaller than what I was expecting from seeing images online, also the fixed seat on the side of a restaurant was much higher than the table, dinning there was just awkward.

Our server recommended a few dishes and this is what we had:

Tandoori Tiger Prawns: £19.50
Chucky bouncy prawns packed with flavours served with lemon ketchup. Packed with flavours and the char gave it that smokey goodness. This was probably the highlight of the meal. The price is not a typo, it’s an eye-watering £19.50 for 4 prawns.

Chicken Tiranga Kebab: £10.50
Cubes of orange chicken meat beautifully presented on a black slate with pink salt sprinkled over. The meat was tender and juicy and the tangy yoghurt sauce just elevated the whole dish. Flavours were more on a lighter side.

Onion Bhajis: £7.95
A classic, onion Bhajis. I’ve always found it hard to find nice Bhaji, because then tend to be soft and soggy. Chakra’s Bhaji was on point, this were soft and almost fluffy on the inside, and crispy on the outside, the fact that there were in irregular shapes with some narly pit sticking out made it extra crispy.


Lamb Rogan Josh: £15.50
This is a lighter version of Rogan Josh from other Indian restaurants I’ve visited without the layer of oil on the surface. The lamb was bone off and small bite size pieces. The dish was garnished with thin strands of ginger which gave it that extra punch flavour and heat.
Even though I appreciate the lighter side of the dish, the curry did lack in flavours, and nothing beats the satisfaction of sucking lamb curry bone.

Lamb Biryani: £14.50
Again a classic served in a beautiful copper bowl. I have a sucker for Biryani and so is my wife but this Biryani was a bit of a disappointment.
The rice was borderline overcooked and it just did not have the texture and flavour I’ve grown to love. Rice was soft and a little mushy and it didn’t have the flavour and seasoning of what I was expecting too.

Ma di Daal: £9.00
The Daal was probably my favourite dish out of the main course. It was well seasoned and cooked to the perfect consistency of how a Daal is supposed to be. The lentils were cooked to perfection with still a slight bite to it. But it did lack the punchy flavour I am used to from a Daal I have from other Indian restaurants.

Chana Masala: £9.95
A light simple chickpea dish that in a tomato base curry sauce. The chickpeas were cooked perfectly and the potatoes were soft and tender. The flavours were very simple and it went well with the other dishes add great texture with overpowering the flavours from the other dishes.

Chakra did offer some delicious contemporary Indian food, but if you’re a foodie that’s looking a big bang for your buck, you will be disappointed and the food that we had just wasn’t that memorable let alone the fact the bill came up to over £100 for two people. We are giving Chakra a yummy score of 2.5YUM.


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