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Having had a successful pop-up in Shepherd’s Bush, the creators of Foley’s finally opened their permanent spot. This new location is hidden within London’s Fitzrovia – a short walk away from Goodge Street tube station – and is actually on Foley Street. Now, did the location come first or the restaurant name? Either way, we were super excited to attend their soft launch week! Not only because it meant we’d get 50% off our bill, but also because of the food being offered! Head chef Mitz Vora was the sous chef at The Palomar – so we knew we were in for a good meal!

foleys fitzrovia london
main restaurant area

The menu is said to be modern world cuisine inspired by the food and flavours from the spice trail. When we were given the menu, that’s exactly what we could see. There were different combinations of ingredients and flavours from countries in the Far East, Middle East and Mediterranean.

foley's fitzrovia london
some crispies for you to nibble on whilst you decide on what to order

There’s four different sections on the menu too: bits & bobs, veg, meat and from the sea. It’s all about the sharing at Foley’s and as there were three of us dining, our waitress suggested we ordered one plate from the bits & bobs and two plates from each of the other sections. But we didn’t order that many as we wanted to save our stomachs for desserts!

foleys menu fitzrovia london
food menu

Spiced Sweet Potato Fritters (£6.00) – when this first arrived, we could instantly smell the fragrant saffron coconut curry. Visually, this had already won us over. There was also a good balance of textures and flavours in this dish. The subtle mix of sweetness and spice from the fritters, creamy coconut curry, sweetness from the grilled pineapples and sharpness from the onions – altogether made it taste really good. Down side is there just wasn’t enough!

foley's fitzrovia london
sweet potato fritters

Aubergine (£8.00) – our only veg plate of the night. The aubergine had been cooked until it was near mush, so it was super soft and tender. But this soft texture was balanced well with the crunchy  puffed quinoa. The pomegranate and dates added a touch of sweetness which mixed well with the sharpness from the chilli lime yogurt and the saltiness from the crumbled feta. Overall, a very well thought-out dish. But we just wasn’t sure if it was worth the price tag of £8.00. 

foley's fitzrovia london

Cornflake Crusted Popcorn Chicken (£8.00) – this was a dish recommended by the restaurant manager Remi and we were so glad we took his word for it being good! This was essentially  pieces of moist chicken, wrapped inside a crispy outer crust.  Mixed with the spicy chorizo, slight bitterness of the endive, sweetness of the corn and the pickled shimeji (mushrooms native to East Asia), it was just an absolute joy to eat. There was also a creamy sauce to combine everything together. Definitely recommend you try this out when visiting Foley’s!

Foleys restaurant london fitzrovia
Cornflake Crusted Popcorn Chicken
foley's fitzrovia london
popcorn chicken, lamb rump and cocktails

Lamb Rump (£12.00) – from the description, we were expecting something big. We got big flavours, but not a big portion! There were three small pieces of confit lamb belly, which were super yummy with the dukkah spread all over it (especially when you got a fatty piece). We weren’t sure about the cornbread though, it didn’t really match anything on the plate and felt a bit out of place. The most amazing part of this dish was the herb hummous though. Creamy nutty hummous, taken to the next level with the added herbs – absolutely wow!

Foleys restaurant london fitzrovia
Lamb Rump

Pork Belly (£9.00) – a small roulette of pork marinated in tamarind and served with an apple, green papaya and cured red onion salad. So a good balance of spice, sweet and freshness. Everything was served on a bed of buttermilk, which acted like a sauce to combine everything together. There was also a sprinkling of toasted cashews. A delicious dish that made us fight over it!

Foleys london fitzrovia
Pork Belly
foley's fitzrovia london
look how magical this piece of pork belly looks!

Grilled Octopus (£9.00) – this was presented so beautifully it like art on a plate! The octopus was packed into a tight ball and positioned carefully on top of some black sesame mayo – it was like a moon in the night sky! The octopus was superly tender and was yummy mixed with the spicy pork mince. The housemade sriracha and black sesame mayo really blew us away – you can really see the skill and creativity at putting this dish together.

foley's fitzrovia london
grilled octopus
foley's fitzrovia london
grilled octopus

When Remi asked if we’d like dessert, our natural answer was “yes please!” We asked him what was on offer, he carefully explained all three to us, then asked which we’d like to try. To which we answered “ALL THREE!”, because they all sounded yummy and we just couldn’t choose between them.

foley's fitzrovia london
our trio of desserts

Fatboy Elvis (£6.00) – soft fluffy pieces of banana cake, laying in a bed of banana cream, sprinkled with pieces of peanut honeycomb, bacon and dollops of strawberry jamAs you can imagine, this was an absolute joy to eat. Maybe the King of Rock and Roll would’ve approved too! 🙂

foleys restaurant london fitzrovia
Fatboy Elvis

Panna cotta (£6.00) – this was probably the biggest surprise of the night. Who would’ve thought to flavour a pannacotta with lemongrass and coconut! Sprinkled on top was a chocolate crumble (apparently there was supposed to be chilli in this, but we couldn’t taste it), frozen pieces of lychee and some basil. The frozen lychee really added a touch of freshness and chill to the dessert – very cool affect![/caption]

Foley's restaurant london fitzrovia
Panna Cotta

Baklava Cheesecake (£6.00) – a big ball of cardamom flavoured cream sitting on top of a crisp piece of puff pastry, sprinkled with walnut, pistachio and rose petals. This is definitely one for fans of fragrant flavours. Good mix of flavours and textures too.

Foleys restaurant fitzrovia
Baklava Cheesecake
foley's fitzrovia london
our finished meal
foley's fitzrovia london
even their cutlery was pretty!
foley's fitzrovia london
outdoor bar area
foley's fitzrovia london
can you find them all? we played a spelling game with the coasters whilst sitting at the outdoor bar area!

As you can tell, we tried out quite a good range of food at Foley’s and it was a pretty good meal too. They’ve definitely got their menu right, but maybe a bit of work on the portion size is needed. Good flavours and good textures are on offer, and we’ll definitely be returning. So we’re giving Foley’s 4.5 yums altogether. Whilst everyone is talking about Foley’s being opened by The Palomar’s previous sous chef,  we think soon enough, people will know Foley’s for it’s own success in London’s food scene. 

Address: 23 Foley Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1W 6DU
Telephone: 0203 137 1302

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Foley's Restaurant London FiztroviaReviewed by Yummy Jubbly on.As you can tell, we tried out quite a good range of food at Foley's and it was a pretty good meal too. They've definitely got their menu right, but maybe a bit of work on the portion size is needed. Good flavours and good textures are on offer, and we'll definitely be returning. So we're giving Foley's 4.5 yums altogether. Whilst everyone is talking about Foley's being opened by The Palomar's previous sous chef, we think soon enough, people will know Foley's for it's own success in London's food scene. Formally the sous chef at The Palomar- Mitz Vora brought us, Foley's in Fitzrovia. It's been described as modern world cuisine inspired by the food and flavours from the spice trail Rating: 4.5

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    1. Hello there, we managed to try the restaurant during their soft opening with 50% off on total bill. The total bill came around £105 with 2 cocktails but 50% off it’s £55. It’s definitely worth trying if you are fans of spice trail..

    1. Yes Sam, we did indeed have a great time there, their octopus and popcorn chicken are worth trying but what really impressed us the most were their desserts! Go in trio to try all of them! 🙂

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