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Ever taken a trip to a food market for a quick bite then end up spending way too much? Fear no more! As this week, we’re going to show you how to eat smart on a budget. We took inspiration from Buzzfeed and tried the £20 challenge at London’s Borough Market.

Borough Market is a must go, whether you’re a tourist here or a propa Londoner. There’s something for everyone and you won’t get bored!

So here’s what we managed to get armed with just £20:

Northfield Farm beef burger (£5.00) –  a simple burger cooked perfectly and with love! We added the mature cheddar cheese which was absolutely amazing. The burger was then topped with sweet caramelised onions and fresh lettuce to add some crunch. You can then drizzle over your choice of sauce. All the flavours and juices in one bite was just pure heaven. Even the roll was good – soft fluffy white roll with just a slight crunchy crust so you don’t scratch up the inside of your mouth. We both loved this and would definitely recommend you try it out.
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Hobbs Louisiana pulled pork bun (£4.50) –  Sadly, this was disappointing. To the extent that we wanted our £4.50 back. Hobbs say they serve “BBQ southern style pulled pork on a bed of slaw with a kick” and it’s their own famous recipe. The BBQ sauce pretty much saved the dish, but everything else fell short of it’s description. There’s loads of places out there that do pulled pork buns much better. Maybe the other options on their menu is better and is worth a try, but we wouldn’t have the pulled pork bun again.



German cheesecake (£2.00)this was the biggest surprise of the day and boy was this good! We’d never had a German cheesecake before, so we were both really curious to find out what it was like. In summary, its a baked cheesecake with a crunchy biscuit base. But the filling was so yummy Robert’s face lit up as soon as he bit into it! Crumbly cheesecake mix with a sharp lemon taste running through, balanced well with the sweet sultanas drifting within. As much as we loved this and wanted more, it is pretty rich and you’d definitely need a big cuppa tea to wash it all down.



Giant choc chip cookie (£2.00)a cookie that’s bigger than your face! It was a crunchy but still slightly soft, buttery cookie. The way a cookie should be! The chocolate chips were creamy and were melt-in-your-mouth yummy! This is a good thing to share, or just to have by yourself 🙂




Ubriaco Riserva from Drunk Cheeses L’Ubriaco (£3.50 per 100g) – this was a souvenir to take home. A 20 month aged cow’s milk cheese matured in a sweet wine called Passito della Vapolicella. Very strong and not for the faint hearted at all. Kitty wasn’t fond of this (or any strong cheese in general really). But Robert loved it and described it to be similar to The King of Fruits in Southeast Asia – the durian.


Mountain’s Boston Sausage on a stick (£1.50) and Sausage Roll (£1.00)if you still have some spare change in your pocket, then these two little gems are worth getting before you head home. The sausage on the stick was cooked perfectly, the slightly burnt edges gave it that extra grilled taste. The sausage roll – classic British grub – had flaky buttery pastry and well seasoned meat. Definitely worth getting rid of that change in your pocket!



You’re probably wondering if we had any money left after having all this food. Here’s a little breakdown for you:

  1. Northfield Farm beef burger – £5.50
  2. Hobbs Louisiana pulled pork bap – £4.50
  3. Giant chocolate chip cookie – £2.00
  4. German cheesecake – £2.00
  5. Drunken cheese – £3.50 for 100g
  6. Sausage on a stick – £1.50
  7. Sausage roll – £1.00

The grand total we spent was £20.00 exactly! We left Borough Market content with all the food we’d eaten too. There’s loads of food markets in London and we’ll defintely be trying this £20.00 challenge again. Let us know if you try it too by tagging us using #yummy20challenge 🙂


London Borough Market Reviewed by on.Ever taken a trip to a food market for a quick bite then end up spending way too much? Fear no more! As this week, we're going to show you how to eat smart on a budget. We took inspiration from Buzzfeed and tried the £20 challenge at London's Borough Market.Northfield Farm beef burger - £5.50 Hobbs Louisiana pulled pork bap - £4.50 Giant chocolate chip cookie - £2.00 German cheesecake - £2.00 Drunken cheese - £3.50 for 100g Sausage on a stick - £1.50 Sausage roll - £1.00 Rating:

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