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This week we visited thew newly opened Comptoir Libanais at Gloucester Road London to try out some of their awesome Lebanese food.

The bright orange sign on the shop front was almost impossible to miss and upon entering the colourfulness and funky style carries throughout the restaurant.
The restaurant had a world of its own with merchandise neatly places across the walls, it was almost like entering a Lebanon mini market, and I loved it!

We love the Middle Eastern Deco

Comptoir Libanais pride itself of using fresh ingredients and the natural taste of each dish really did shine through. What I liked most about Comptoir Libanais was the simplicity in flavours but with maximum impact on my taste buds. Nothing was too salty or sweet, it was like just right.

We had Mixed Mezze Platter (£9.50) with Baba ghanuj (mashed cooked aubergine), hummus, tabbouleh (Middle Eastern salad with chopped parsley, mint, onion with bulgur wheat and seasoning) , falafel, lentil salad, cheese sambousek (cheese filled pastries), pickles & pita bread. You can’t really go wrong with the hummus but the falafel was cripsy from the outside; baba ghanuj was creamy and went well with the tabbouleh. The only flaw was the pita bread was not warm and toasted.  Our tips: Mix everything together and you got an awesome starter!

Mixed Mezze Platter- Comptoir Libanais
Mixed Mezze Platter

This restaurant is one the restaurant chains that served grilled meat and honestly we are not too sure what do customers eat if you can’t have grilled meat in Lebanese restaurant. Our Mixed Grill (£13.50) consisted of lamb and chicken kofta, chicken shish, grilled tomato and batata harra (fried potatoes with spices) served with harissa and garlic sauce. The lamb kofta and chicken shish were succulent and juicy but the chicken shish was little dry. But the batata harra was serious winner as we love the fried potatoes with some spice kick.

Mixed Grill from Comptoir Libanais
Mixed Grill

We have also ordered Halloumi Cheese & Zaatar Man’ousha (£8.95). It’s oven baked bread with Halloumi cheese and garnished with black and white sesame seeds on top and very generous olive oil drizzle. We are not too sure if we could taste the Halloumi but definitely the saltiness. It’s nice try but we would stick to the grilled meat in future.

Halloumi Cheese & Zaatar Man'Ousha from Comptoir Libanais
Halloumi Cheese & Zaatar Man’Ousha
Made Kebab with the grill and flat bread

Mouhalabia (£4.45) is the traditional Lebanese milk pudding flavoured with rose syrup and topped with finely ground pistachios. It’s jiggly fun and refreshing to eat. If you love rose flavour, you will appreciate these lovely milk pudding.

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Mouhalabia So Creamy!

Comptoir Libanais isn’t a place to have tradition Lebanese food but it is definitely a good starting point. With its use of fresh ingredient, vibrant decor and friendly customer service, we have given Comptoir Libanais a well deserved 4 Yums!

Opening hours: Daily 8am-11pm except Sunday 9am-10pm
Location: 77a Gloucester Rd, Kensington, London SW7 4SS

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