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We were invited to Pure India Cooking in Fulham to try out their food prepared by the owner/Michelin restaurant chef Shilpa Dandekar.

We were offered a variety of starters and main course and here is what we had:


Pepper Shrimp £7
A simple shrimp starter that was served in a thick almost dry spice paste, it had a few lemon wedge with the dish and we decided to squeeze some lemon juice over it too. The texture of the shrimp was quite soft and lacks a but of the bounciness I was expecting, the spice paste was flavourful and the lemon juices really gave it the citrusness.
The dish was a little salty but overall it was decent, I would have expected a little more excitement for £7 though.

Pepper Shrimps

Kori Kempu £7
Deep fried chicken fillets with a spicy coating garnished with deep fried curry leafs and chillies. It came with served with a mint sauce and some lemon wedges, too.
The chicken had a real kick from the spices and the deep fried chilli and curry leaf gave it fantastic flavours. The chicken was again a little salty and on the dryer side but the sauce really helped with adding flavour and moistness.

Kori Kempu

Patra Chaat £6
This was by far the best thing we had in the whole meal. I’ve never tried chaat before and it was a very pleasant surprise.
The just combination of spice, texture, sweetness, sourness was just amazing. There are dishes in restaurants where people will go back just because of it, and this is the one for me at Pure Indian Cooking.

Patra Chaat

Main Course

Main Course

Khade masale ka gosht £12
This is what Indian food is all about, fork tender lambs that’s been cooking for hours in a curry sauce that has the perfect consistency for rice or naans. The lamb was bone on meaning extra flavour, I even sucked out the bone marrow, is was incredible to say the least.

Khade masale ka gosht / Lamb Curry

Paperwali macchi £14
A cod fillet wrapped in a some baking paper marinated with tamarind, dates and chilli. I love this cooking method because it really concealed the moistness of the fish and flavour.
The fish was flaky, the taste was quite mild and it had a slight bitter taste from the fennel leaves. It wasn’t my favourite dish but it was worth the try.

Asparagus with pine but £7
This was one of the dishes that was highly recommended to us. I am a huge fan of asparagus and pine nut already so it was a no-brainer for me. The asparagus was thinly slices mixed with some roasted pine nut and tossed with some mustard seed. It was a simple dish done perfectly, the asparagus kept it slight crunch, the pine nut had the roasty flavour and desiccated coconut on top just round up the whole dish. Yum!

Asparagus and Pine nuts
Trio Baked Yoghurt

Overall we gave Pure Indian Cooking an 3.5 Yum. I admire the creativity of the food and the direction it is heading, but I felt that it lacked the flavours and spices which I was expecting

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