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The weather in London isn’t getting any better and a plate of pilau rice topped with curry and fresh vegetables sounds like just the kind of food to sooth your soul and this is exactly what Pilau on Goodge Street in London does best.

Pilau recently opened up on the busy road, Goodge Street in Fitzrovia London. The fragrance of the curry just cannot be ignored and with a name like Pilau for a restaurant, I know I am in for some comfort treat.

Ordering at Pilau could not be simpler; it’s a 1, 2 and 3 process.
You order your base, which could be a wrap, pilau rice or salad, then you choose your topping from the choice of Butter chicken, Lamb and bone marrow and Paneer, and finally for your 5 a day, top it all of with a selection of salad.
If extra heat and crispiness is your kind of thing, add some extra fresh chillies and crispy shallots too.

I ordered the rice, lamb and all the goodies with a yogurt and mint sauce, and the final product was a pleasure to look at and to eat.
The rice was cooked to perfection with no lumps of rice stuck together (don’t think you need this), the lamb curry was creamy, packed with flavours and the lamb itself was chunky with the right tenderness and a satisfying bite to it. The salad and the mint sauce gave the dish a freshness, which compliments the curry so well and in my opinion, the salad is a must. I was feeling a bit (use “rather” instead?) brave and asked for fresh chillies to be sprinkled over and just for luck, the crispy shallots too – the result was Yummy Jubbly!

Whilst paying, there was a pile of Cardamom custard tart stacked high on a cake stand, and yes, we went for it.
The Cardamom tart’s filling was rich and creamy but not overly sweet and the hint of a cardamom taste slowly seeps through. The crust, on the other hand was a bit of a let down as it was soft, chewy and just did not have the crunch lay or pastry I expected.

With its tasty curry and generous portions, we have scored Pilau a yummy score of 3! Even though I love the simplicity of the way you order, I felt that the menu was limited and could have done with more variety. The tart was a bit of a let down and could be better with some improvement of the crust.

If you’re in or around the area, you should definitely go. The members of staff are friendly and the atmosphere also makes the whole experience that much better.
Enjoy and don’t forget to keep eating!

Check Pilau out:

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