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One of perks working in London that you are spoiled with choices and I managed to gathered all my favourites in this post. Please note this is just my suggestions if you are in London. I hope you would agree with the list or please let me know if you have any suggestions!

1. Sharing is caring for group party: Burger & Lobster

It was a fun night celebrating my sister’s birthday at Burger & Lobster when we discovered we could order the catch of the day aka the big boy instead of lobster each. We have ordered the biggest catch of the day (around 5kg)- half steamed and half boiled; served with unlimited chips and salad.  My niece and nephew certainly had fun playing with the giant claws.

Burger & Lobster London
Ask for the Big Boy (for the Catch of Day) and everyone will have fun!

2.  Cheat (every)Day  with Patty & Buns

All hail to Patty & Buns! We’ve basically tried many independent burger restaurant but Patty & Buns is seriously the one we crave all the times. Be prepared to be messy eater as their super juicy beef patty and the sauces will be dribblingall over you if you are not careful enough….. Their classic staples include Ari Gold and Smokey Robinson, each bite was basically heaven-like.

Food Blog review Patty & Bun
Juicy Smokey Robinson Burger from Patty & Bun

If you like your middle eastern flavours, then definitely try this Lambshank Redemption! By cleverly layering each ingredient so that they compliment each other and work together to create a work of art! Starting from the bottom there’s soft pickled aubergine, lettuce, lamb patty, crumbled feta cheese, cumin aioli , courgette fritters. The cumon aioli was definitely the star of the dish – so intense and creamy.

Patty & Buns
Lamb Redemption

3. Join the Queue (it’s trendy thing to do): Dishroom, Hoppers, Bao 

Bao was first of kind Taiwanese bao or burger introduced to Londoners many years. Started off as street food staple and opened its first flagship store in London Soho. It has been crazed all over in social media and recently voted as one of top 10 restaurant in Time Out. Did we forget to mention it’s famous for the hours of long queue? Is it worth it? The pricey little delicate bao is jam-packed with different interesting and fresh fillings and ingredients making it almost too pretty to eat but it’s really yummy. Definitely worth the hype!

Bao London
Crispy Cod Coated in Squid Ink- Bao

Hoppers is another restaurant that doesn’t take booking and you have to queue to get in. Their dishes are like in tapas-style; so you basically get to order different dishes to eat with their infamous Hopper, the Sri Lankan pancake made of fermented batter and coconut milk. Their modern twist with Buffalo Briyani , Duck Egg Curry and Chicken Heart Chukka were so different but you just couldn’t any where like these in London Soho. Make Hoopers your one of evening meal!

Hoppers- Sri Lankan pancake made from fermented batter and coconut milk

4. Good steak that doesn’t break a bank: Flat Iron. Well Hawksmoor and Gaucho are not quite price friendly restaurant to go to everyday. Therefore we are so excited when Flat Iron opened. It serves good quality steak for only £10! Alternatively you could go for their Aussie Wagyu beef steak for £15.

Food Blog review Flat Iron London
Quality Steak for Tenner from Flat Iron

5. Sipping Artisan Coffee does make lotsa difference. My wife used to be Starbucks Coffee Master where she learnt her coffee from different regions which seriously I still have no idea what’s the difference (seriously). The rise of independent coffee shops excites her and actually stops her from going to Starbucks (as they have changed their coffee machine and over-roasted coffee beans). Most of these coffee shops roasted their own coffee beans, whether is single origin Arabica beans or carefully mix Robusta+ Arabica beans; these coffee shops stand out than others: Tap, Black Sheep Coffee, Kaffeine (15 Eastcastle Street), Monmouth Coffee

Tap Coffee London Soho
Flat White from Tap Coffee
Flat White and Custard Tart from Black Sheep Coffee

6. Challenge Your Taste Buds: The Palomar, Foley’s Restaurant, Thai Silk Restaurant.

The Palomar is not your casual to go to restaurant as (min) 2 weeks booking reservation is required to try this award winning restaurant. Obviously the price is £££ too. However this British food but cooked in Jerusalem style is full of surprises and honestly each food is layered with different tastes and flavours. Enough said- just go and book yourself a table.

Pork Belly Tajine From The Palomar, London

Foley’s Restaurant – Ex-chef from Palomar decided to create a modern Asian (not just middle east but east asian too) food inspired by spice trail.  Their menu is creative and in small sharing portion so you get to try different dishes at the same time. The Aubergine (see picture below) is served with pomegranate, dates, chilli lime yogurt, puffed quinoa. It’s creamy with the yogurt while enjoying refreshing pomegranate popping in mouth while chewing the aubergine.

foley's fitzrovia london
Aubergine from Foley’s Restaurant.

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7. Clean Eat: Poke Bowl. Poke means diced meat in Hawaiian. Poke Bowl usually contains super fresh diced fish with rice and topped with fresh salads. We have tried it once from Ahi Poke and look at pictures below- it’s so rainbow and tasty too! You can also try it from Tombo Poke, Hawaiian Poke, Honi Poke.

Poke Bowl from Ahi Poke

8. You don’t have to travel to Italy to have best pizza: Homeslice, Franco Manco (serves only Sourdough pizza)

Franco Manco is our favourite to-go place for lunch whenever we are feeling naughty. There is one near our work place and it’s so tempting not to walk in every single day.

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Say yes to 20 inch pizza for £20! Started off as a stall in street food markets in 2011, Homeslice has now become a successful restaurant. Their ever changing menu is hard to keep up or another excuse to keep visiting them! Perfectly cooked pizzas, using the freshest ingredients. The flavour combinations were really simple, yet so creative!

HomeSlice Pizza
Homeslice Pizza

9. Feeling Soupy with Pho, Ippuddo Ramen, Shoryu. In case you have not visit London for awhile, you should know now London’s taste palette has been slowing moving to East Asian food.

Pho (pronounced as furr)  or Banh pho is Vietnamese version of beef noodle soup of which the beef bone and herbs broth has been cooked for many hours (overnight traditionally in Vietnam). It’s perfect to warm yourself in the morning but for Londoners this is lunch or dinner. If beef is not your type, try chicken version, Pho Ga (furr gey).

Pho London

Ippuddo Ramen is Japanese version of pork noodle soup of which (again) pork bone broth that has been cooked for 18 hours to bring out creaminess from the bones. It’s usually served with half-boiled egg, sliced pork, black fungi. Japanese ramen noodle is usually prepared in house and we usually go for ‘hard’ type of the noodle.

Ippudo London
Best Ramen in London- Ippudo

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10. Cure your Sweet tooth from: Tsujiri (Matcha Soft Serve), Gelupo (Gelato), Snowflake (Gelato), Hummingbird Cupcakes, Fabrique Bakery (Cinnamon/ Cardamon Croissant), Crosstown Donuts, Cardamon Bun.

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