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We were invited to dine at the wonderful restaurant The Artisan Bistro in Chelsea. Plamen Yankov and top American chef Georgi Yaneff  bring us this lovely little restaurant which serves up locally sourced ingredients in a Mediterranean style.

Most of the articles about The Artisan Bistro talk about their signature Lobster Mac ‘n’ Cheese. But in our opinion, they have so much more to offer. So much, that Plamen decided to not let us try the Lobster Mac n Cheese. Not that we’re complaining.

The simple, neutral decor within the restaurant is complimented well with the pieces of modern art hung up on the oyster coloured walls. It’s good to note that even the art work are creations of local artists.

At the back of the restaurant, there’s a little micro-garden where they have a variety of fresh goodies growing that are used in all different dishes. Plamen even popped to the garden to pick a few sprigs of fresh mint to use for our mojito!

Crispy Aubergine (£6.00) – tender pieces of aubergine in a panco breadcrumb coating, deep fried and served with a soy caramel sauce. Oh this was so good! The aubergine were so sweet, it was like eating a banana fritter. The sauce was also something special – a very smooth thick sauce, tasting of exactly of caramel and soy.

the artisan bistro chelsea london
crispy aubergine

Sauteed Padron Peppers with an Orange and Sherry Drizzle (£4.50) – a simple plate of grilled padron peppers. The peppers were slightly charred and cooked till tender. The orange and sherry drizzle could’ve been a bit sharper for our taste, but the added pieces of fresh sweet orange dotted around the plate were a nice touch.

the artisan bistro chelsea london
sauteed pandro peppers

Quinoa and Kale Salad (£7.00???) – a simple, fresh salad to have between our dishes. We could tell the kale leaves had been carefully selected as they were super tender. The added pomegranate gave the salad a touch of juice and citrus. There was also a simple shaving of parmesan which gave the salad another depth of flavour. A recommended side to try.

the artisan bistro chelsea london
quinoa and kale salad

Grilled Prawns with Squid Ink Polenta (£12.00) – this is definitely one of The Artisan Bistro’s signature dishes. The chunky prawns were grilled to perfection, and were still moist. The polenta was super smooth and had that distinct colour and taste of squid ink – so interesting! You can have these prawns as a starter or as a main, either-way you’re bound to love them as much as us.

the artisan bistro chelsea london
grilled prawns with squid ink polenta
the artisan bistro chelsea london
it’s the small touches that make the difference – we were given a small bowl to put the shells in!

Artisan Sailboat (£25.00) – a traditional dish that fishermen would eat out on the boat. It’s a true one pot wonder, consisting of mussels, lobster claw, prawns and asparagus cooked in a garlic and white wine sauce. There was also a very simple touch of saffron added – which we nearly missed, had Plamen not told us about it. This was a very simple dish, cooked to perfection with the freshest ingredients. The lobster claw was super tender and was definitely the star of the dish. The prawns were a little dry compared to the grilled prawns, but still good nonetheless. The mussels were soft and plump – a pleasure to eat. The Artisan Sailboat is definitely a good order, for people who like to share their seafood!

the artisan bistro chelsea london
the artisan sailboat

10oz Mather’s Farm Sirloin Steak (£23.00) – when this was placed in front of us, our eyes lit up. The steak was chunky and looked super juicy. Sirloin isn’t our favourite cut of meat because of it’s not as tender as rib eye, but this medium rare sirloin from The Artisan Bistro was cooked to perfection. It was served with a super luxurious bernaise sauce – perfect if you like that rich butter sauce. Alternatively, you could just have a bit of black pepper on your steak and it’s just as good! The roasted baby tomatoes did well to add a touch of sweetness to the steak.

the artisan bistro chelsea london
10oz mather’s farm sirloin steak
sirloin stead the artisan bistro chelsea london
don’t you just want to eat this?

Truffle Fries with Parmesan Cheese (£3.00)  and Patatas Bravas with Garlic Aioli (£3.50) – these were served with our mains and were super yummy. The truffle fries were seasoned well and were so moreish. The garlic aioli with the patatas bravas was the best we’d ever had, and went really well with our sirloin steak. These are two side dishes well worth mentioning.

the artisan bistro chelsea london
truffle fries with parmesan
the artisan bistro chelsea london
patatas bravas with garlic aioli

West Mersey Rock Oysters (1/2 dozen £10, dozen £18) – Plamen told us he has customers who visit him just for the oysters. As we’d eaten so much already, we only had the one each. The oysters presented beautifully on a bed of ice, and topped with a simple shallot vinegar dressing and a dash of Tabasco. Together with the drizzle of fresh lemon juice, the oysters were as fresh as the sea with the sharpness of the lemon and vinegar. The Tabasco really gave the oysters a kick – which you might want to skip if you’re not good with spice!

the artisan bistro chelsea london
west mersea rock oysters

To round off our meal, we tried three different desserts:

Bailey’s Chocolate Tart (£6.00) – a super rich chocolate tart topped with Bailey’s whipped cream. The buttery pastry added to the luxury feeling. Balancing the flavours was the raspberry coulis on the plate – which showed it wasn’t just there to make things look pretty! This really was art on a plate and matched the elegant decor of the restaurant. If you’re looking for something classy, then this dessert is for you.

the artisan bistro chelsea london
bailey’s chocolate tart

Rhubarb Crumble (£6.00) – the best rhubarb crumble you’ll find around! The rhubarb was cooked perfectly soft and maintained its distinct sharpness. We’re glad they didn’t make this too sweet – definitely a grown up version. The vanilla ice-cream was creamy and added an extra touch of luxury to the crumble. So if you’re looking for something comforting, then this crumble is for you.

the artisan bistro chelsea london
rhubarb crumble

Mint Chocolate Souffle (£6.00) – our joint favourite dessert of the night, which is also the favourite of Plamen himself 🙂 The souffle was cooked perfectly in that when we cut it open, all that gooey chocolate yumminess oozed out! The added mint wasn’t too overpowering and made this souffle from The Artisan Bistro, unique. It was super rich and the vanilla ice-cream balanced all the flavours and textures well. To add a fun factor to the dessert, there was a sprinkle of popping candy all over the plate! So if you want something different and fun – then this dessert is for you!

Having eaten so much food, we genuinely didn’t have anything bad to say. That’s why we’re giving The Artisan Bistro a very well deserved FIVE yums! Everything had been cooked to perfection and was such a joy to eat. The Artisan Bistro’s philosophy is “brought today, cooked today”, they rarely keep anything for more than 48 hours. This shows their passion for beautifully cooked food using the freshest ingredients. Plamen and Georgi do well to combine their knowledge and passion of food to bring you a very much enjoyable meal. The Artisan Bistro has only been opened for a few months, and is still making it’s name in the London food scene. But no doubt, it will become a popular spot. It’s definitely worth travelling across London to – so make sure you get down there soon too!

the artisan bistro chelsea london
Yummy Jubbly with the friendly Plamen


Address: 14 Hollywood Rd, Chelsea SW10 9HY

Telephone: 020 7460 0875

Opening Hours: Monday – closed, Tuesday to Friday 12am – 11pm, Saturday 11:30am – 11pm, Sunday 12am – 5pm

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The Artisan Bistro, ChelseaReviewed by Yummy Jubbly Author on.Having eaten so much food, we genuinely didn't have anything bad to say. That's why we're giving The Artisan Bistro a very well deserved FIVE yums! Everything had been cooked to perfection and was such a joy to eat. The Artisan Bistro's philosophy is We were invited to dine at the wonderful restaurant The Artisan Bistro in Chelsea. The owner, Plamen Yankov, uses his 16 years of experience in the restaurant trade to bring you this lovely little restaurant which serves up locally sourced ingredients in a Mediterranean style. Rating: 5

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