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A new kid in town! The grand opening party of Wing Wing and we were lucky enough to be apart of the special occasion. The combination of everyone’s favourite fried chicken wing combined with a Korean spicy twist and a funky Bottons Up beer machine, Wing Wing is already set to be a winning concept!

Bottoms Up Beer

Wing Wing “paint” their jumbo size chicken wings with three different sauces, Liquorice, Garlic Soy and Spicy! All of them are awesome by the way.
My brushing the sauce onto the wings it will remain the crispiness of skins and still enough sauce to satisfy your taste buds.
You might think this it’s a cliche, but the skin was super crispy from their special batter recipe, and the flesh inside was cooked to perfection with juice still oozing out.

The Buns and Wings
The Chicken Katsu Buns

Wing Wing also have a selection of burger, buns and side. We tried the Katsu Chicken Bun, it was awesome, to say the least, but they main feature is still their awesome wings.

Want to have some fun with filling your glass with an ice cold beer? The tap is so yesterday, Bottom Up Beer machine, fill up your beer from literally the bottom, like magic

Wing Wing is the new kids in town but also the leading force to change the way we dine and experience food in London.

The Wings!


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Filming before the eat, tortue

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